Drought roiling China’s already evaporating economy

 A recent crisis in the Chinese global supply chain was a factory in the South -ovest of Sichuan Thursday, causing warmth and drought. Overseas producers such as Apple, Toyota and Chinese solar energy generation company will close their doors for six days and resume Sunday production. However, due to bad weather, a large local company closed its factories on Sunday. About 16,500 jobs in Sichuan were affected by the closure. Some Chinese media have said the problem could lead to the closure of factories in industrial cities on the east coast, but scientists don't think there will be another nationwide blackout in September. power in the western regions and provides cheap electricity to industrial cities in the eastern regions. Sichuan Province, on the banks of the Yangtze River, has about 1,400 outlets and has several hydroelectric plants to meet 80% of its power needs and sell excess power to neighboring provinces. The water level in Sichuan drops by 40% in July and 50% in August e