Godavari floodwaters begins to recede in Andhra Pradesh

 However, the second warning is still in effect in Bhadrachalam and Dowleswaram, affecting the agency and the Godavari plains. Godavari River floodwaters began to recede on Saturday 13th August 2022 and floodwaters started receding  at Bhadrachalam.   However, the Godavari Delta continues to receive enormous flows upstream of the Polavaram Irrigation Project. Floodwaters reached the Sir Arthur Cotton Dam of the Polavaram Irrigation Scheme within a day.    Godavari Head Works Division stated in their flood report; “At 6am the flood water level in Bhadrachalam was 51.30ft and the second warning is in effect. In Dowleswaram, the flow of people had reached nearly 150,000 cusecs at 10am and the second warning was in full effect.   Houses along  Godavari and Sabari affected by  floods.  Godavari River Delta is also at the receiving end. Read more: